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Real Runners Limited are an established and trusted provider of corporate sports, fitness training and education provision to the public and private sector. Feauturing a group of international distance runners, Sports Scientists and educators offering tailored training programmes specifically aimed at providing training conditions conducive to producing tangible results for beginners, casual runners and advanced athletes. The advice and guidance we offer is the fruit of years of accrued experience at the elite end of the running spectrum. At Real Runners we are all international or national standard athletes competing at the very top end on the track, the road, or over the country. Members of our team include: Andy Vernon, 2008 Olympic 5000m Trials winner, Scott Overall (5000m personal best of 13.28 and 2012 contender), and Kevin Quinn, the brains behind real runners! Whether you're running to lose fat, increase your aerobic capacity or conquer a marathon, Real Runners will offer a structured fitness training plan which is right for you. We set progressive training targets for all levels: whether you are male or female, 18 or 65, a beginner or a pro, and then add the magic ingredient of race goals - from those looking to dip under the 35 minute barrier for 10k to those aiming to get round the London Marathon in one piece. and live to tell the tale.

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